Working as a professional creative in the design field since 1994. Always reluctant to be narrowly categorized within traditional design boundaries, works between fields of product design, branding, communication/graphic design, and product-service system design. After working as a freelancer and in a number of studios and companies in Serbia and Italy, eventually in 2009 starts his own studio ‘Bureau Zero’ providing services to clients and running a small product line under a same name which represents studio’s creative philosophy of rational design and aesthetics of functionality applied in holistic manner.

Other than dealing with design through practice, teaching full time, part time, as a guest or an outside expert since 2007 at universities in Milano and Belgrade. Teaching full time in Hong Kong since 2014 in School of Design on The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and giving invited lectures, workshops and short courses in other parts of East Asia.

Occasionally writes publications or articles for specialized design magazines, acts as a jury member on design contests and holds public lectures. Interested mostly into areas of narrative design, referring to non-lingual communication as a design tool, and phenomenon of translation of heritage, local, cultural or any other into something with contemporary values without disturbing the link to the source.